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What is Dunderpatrullen?2020-08-09T14:21:38+00:00

You can call it a band, a content creator or even an experiment. Basically it’s just a bunch of friends that are in need of an creative outlet while also having a good time!

What does Dunderpatrullen mean?2020-08-09T14:21:41+00:00

A literal translation would be The Thunder Patrol, an alternate translation could also be Rumble Rangers just to sound cool and hip.

What DAW are you using?2020-08-09T14:22:52+00:00

We mainly use Reason Studios for music production. Sometimes we also sample from LSDJ and Milkytracker.

Where are you guys from?2020-08-09T14:22:56+00:00

We are from different parts of Sweden. 

Can I use your music in my project?2020-08-09T14:23:01+00:00

Feel free to use our music in your YouTube or Twitch videos etc. as long as proper credits are given in the description or visible on screen. Also make sure people easily can find us with a link to our YouTube channel or homepage.

For commercial use, please use our contact form on this page.

When and where can I see you guys live?2020-08-09T14:23:06+00:00

You can find our tour dates right here on this site and even on our Spotify profile. Feel free to follow Dunderpatrullen on social media accounts to stay up to date.

How do I book this thing?2020-08-09T14:23:10+00:00

Use the contact form on this page to get in touch with our booking agent, just select Booking agent as the recipient and they will get back to you.

What social media platforms is Dunderpatrullen on?2020-08-09T14:23:15+00:00

You can find all the different platforms right here on the page down below. Go bananas!

When was Dunderpatrullen formed?2020-08-09T14:23:20+00:00

Dunderpatrullen started out as a Swedish comedy sketch group under the name of Krull Productions back in 2001 and it later evolved into a more music oriented group in 2007.

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